The Potemkin Play

written by Seth Garben
directed by Jennifer Sandella
July 18 – 25
HERE Arts Mainstage
145 6th Ave

In an unnamed country under the boot of an authoritarian regime, an embattled, firebrand theater company tries to mount a production of their new play The Inspection Tour, loosely based on Empress Catherine the Great’s trip to New Russia in 1787. When it becomes obvious that the play satirizes the hypocrisy of politicians at the expense of their people, the government stops at nothing to put an end to the theater and its project. Joining the cast of human characters in this strange convoluted comedy are the freedoms of speech, thought, expression, and assembly, all of which come under existential threat.The Potemkin Play is a Russian nesting doll set of a tragicomedy, cramming together, and constantly confusing, the 21st and 18th centuries, the reality of appearances and the appearance of reality, and the hilariously terrible and the terribly hilarious. 

A workshop of The Potemkin Play premiered July 18 at HERE Arts Center. 

Prince and Princess ($1000 – 2500)

Monique Charbonneau

Byron Gross and Ricky Tovim

Joan Gross

Julian Rose

Diane Trafton

Nina and Dino Saglimbeni

Marquis and Marchioness ($500 – 999)

Joel and Cathy Harary

Ellen Perle and Tom Garben

Valerie Scher-Mirels

Jimmy Della Femina

Patrons of

The Potemkin Play

Count and Countess ($100 – 499)


Debbie Anders and David Salamone

Maria Reichlin-Fishkis

Jeff Ginsburg

Zac Hug

Maria Ilardi

Linda Kates

Kuba Kierlanczyk

Andrzej Krakowski and Majka


Amy Loskovitz

John and Cagle McDonald

Yvonne Parisi

Roberta and Mark Shapiro

Sue Jacobs

Mark Chockley

Daniel Vitale

Stephanie Blackman

Richard Longyhore

Pannonica Val-Hackett

Susan Taylor-Gol

Ann Dinner

Baron and Baroness ($1 – 99)

Anthony Aiello

Jodi Harrison

Larranie and Jeff Ginsburg

Kristyn Koczur

John Lee

Angie McCormack

Charlotte Munson

Toccara Castleman

Doyle Butterfield

Christine Johnson

Joao Poeriras

Genevieve Garibaldi

Neil Hodge

Lillie Cummings

Alok Mahadevia

Alex Kruger

James Rolison

Gregory Blasso

Gina Edwards

Ethan Karetsky

Carol King


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